• Premium quality - high quality stickers size: Approx. 8,4 x 5.4 cm and - Made in Germany - German Empire Small Crest with Eagle and crown design.
  • The sticker is laminated, so not scratch off, resistant to abrasion and machine Hstrassen. Film UV-resistance 5-7 years - No more additional coating.
  • The size of this decal is on a carrier film, Darübertransferfolie for better install. On all smooth surfaces Easy to attach.
  • Quality pictures digitally printed onto opaque Car high-quality film Orafol, including instructions will be in English)..
  • Skin Sticker is ideal for car, motorcycle, truck, cars, truck, caravan, trailer or you can also use them to decorate any inside area (only smooth surfaces). Such as. Mirror, door, fridge door etc.
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  • Imported from UK.
* * * Premium quality Size: 8.4 x 8.4 cm
* * * Made in Germany - U.V resistance 5 - 7 years - No 08/15 rubbish.
* * * Very high quality digital print on opaque car film of ORAFOL
* * * Abrasion resistant, and UV resistant it protects laminate layer (no additional finish.)
* * * Square Cut for versatility, it can be used both indoors and outdoors items such as: car/bike/Fridge etc.
* * * Sticker is on a carrier film - this power supply comes with the sticker is a transfer film for ease of Aubringen - After applying simply remove the top film
* * * * Suitable for Hstrassen, slightly glossy
* * * Instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) to stick to your wall belongs to the service. Not a normal standard sticker, please read our instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English).