• ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: once you plug device in, it covers surrounded area with electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound waves, which makes most kind of pest extremely uncomfortable..
  • QUIET AND EFFECTIVE: Ultrasonic repellent working with low-frequency ultrasound waves, which means that it is gave you extremely silent pest control and can’t disturb you..
  • EASY TO USE AND NIGHT LIGHT: To make portable repeller work just simply plug electronic device into the socket indoor. It have night light button on right side..
  • SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS: Ultrasonic pest defender device don’t use poison or traps, so it’s totally safe for your pet and children!.
  • WIDE EFFECTIVE COVERAGE: Ultrasonic pest repeller is highly effective with a coverage control area of 1600 ft2 and an ability to penetrate the wall, and repells most of the insects like micе, mоsquitos, spidеrs, etc..
  • Imported from USA.
Greous Ultrasonic pest repeller engineered to broadcast two wave types: — Ultrasound waves clear the line-of-sight pests. — Electromagnetic waves reach the hidden pests in walls, closets, drawers and attics. Repeller designed to work everywhere – homes and office, barns and sheds, restaurants and hotels. New electronic device is pretty compact. It’s dimensions is 3.2x5.2 inch. Simple, affordable electric eco pest control for everyone – without traps, poisons or chemicals. Just plug in device into the socket indoor. Greous pest defender repellent is a best way to reject any insect inside home including rodent, mouse, rat, bed bugs, mosquito, spider, roaches, ant, bat, mice, fly, housefly, cockroach, hornet, moth, and many others! Repeller has button to switch on and off nightlight mode. A soft glow, blue nightlight will gently illuminate a darkened room. The nightlight can be turned completely off. Your kids and pets will be safe! No little hands will touch poisons, chemicals or traps. No dead animals, no clean up, no smell, and no noise. 100% safe defense for pregnant women, babies, and pets.