• Language: English.
  • Binding: Paperback.
  • Publisher: Lulu Press Inc.
  • Genre: Fiction.
  • ISBN: 9781291888829, 1291888829.
  • Pages: 212.
    A young girl flees her home and an unwanted marriage. Desperation takes her to the riverside, the site where as a toddler she was patted kindly by the goblin who had befriended the human ruler, Count Anton. But another memory of that day unsettles her as she pushes the small boat into the current. A memory of bubbles in the river, and of blood. There's something in the water still. Driven by a premonition that she belongs with the people across the river, she soon meets the children of Magicians...and of goblins. Yet there are greater challenges to face. In the midst of conflict between species and between the ever combative northern and southern humans, a new enemy arises from over the sea. The goblins see the danger of this invasion to their own uneasy peace with the familiar local humans, but they disagree among themselves as to whether they will best serve their kind by helping the surface dwellers, or by leaving all humans to kill each other once and for all. Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Lulu Press Inc Genre: Fiction ISBN: 9781291888829, 1291888829 Pages: 212 Imprint: Lulu Press Inc Height: 234 mm Length: 156 mm