• Men's Anchor Bracelet.
  • Hemp Coloured cord Ø 4 mm.
  • Length: 23 cm.
  • Dimensions: approximately 18 to 19 cm.
  • Fashion jewellery.
  • Imported from UK.
A wonderful anchor bracelet made of hemp colours woven cord that in a Kupfernen Anchor grips. Closes the bracelet with an anchor. Size/Dimensions: Width of the Geknüpften bracelet: 3/8 (approx 10 mm) Length: 23 cm Size (Height x Width x Depth): approx. 18 to 19 cm Materials Used: Cord diameter 4 mm Anchor 30 x 25 mm hand made by Geralin Gioielli of course, everything nickel free slight colour differences the original photo possible. All of their pieces are made by me even designed and lovingly hand made. And only available in very small quantities.