• ★ Will not fall: turn the weight ball, 360° rotate the axle, wrap around the belly to reduce the belly, the force is even, and the more you turn thinner..
  • ★ An effective way to burn calories, improve posture, lose weight, increase height, enjoy fun, and more!.
  • ★ aerobic exercise: pure physical health body sculpting, fast fat burning, eliminate fatigue, enjoy sports..
  • ★ Adjustable: easy to load and unload, free to splicing. Can be adjusted according to your waistline..
  • ★ Applicable objects: postpartum women, office workers, middle-aged blessings, and sports-loving people..
  • Imported from UK.
Why use a hula hoop? The hula hoop exercise does not require high physical quality. The exercise range of the joints of the body does not exceed the range of normal physiological activities. It is a natural movement and is suitable for the connection of different ages. The use of hula hoops not only fosters the sensitivity of the connection, but also enhances the physical fitness. For the dieter, it can achieve the purpose of effectively thin and thin waist.