• Removes facial hair from the roots without damaging, make your skin like waxing or bleaching does..
  • Suitable for removing hairs on forehead, cheeks, and chin, oxter and arm..
  • Amazing painless hair removal and without skin irritation.
  • This Facial Hair Remover is safe and easy to do at home or at travel..
  • Painless Hair Removal Method No Skin Irritation Removes Hair From Root Smooth & Long-lasting Finish Easy & Safe To Use.
  • Imported from INDIA.

Slique Eyebrow/Face/Body Hair Threading And Removal System

Using the hottest trend in salon/spa hair removal, hair threading, slique is a new innovative device that offers women
that perfect hair free skin look easily from the comfort of their own home.
Hair threading a time proven technique passed from one generation to the next, is now available in a modern small.
About slique and how it works slique is a devise that holds the thread exactly like the professional aesthetician,
enabling you to preform a threading hair removal on your own, as you press slique's handles, you can see the looped
thread move as the slique applicator handle opens.
Unlike tweezing one hair at a time, slique efficiently removes an entire straight line of hairs, all at the same time,
eaving the skin hair free and smooth.
Even baby-fine, hard to see hair and coarse, heavy hair! Slique was invented so that women all over the world could
perform threading at home without the need of a salon or an aesthetician.

By Piyuda Brand Is Best Solution Give A All Buyer.