• Chain Set and chain kit is suitable for Aprilia ETV 1000 capo Nord 01-09/(type PS004 PSB00).
  • Chain Set contents: RK mm, 52 5GXW open xW ring chain in green with Hohlniets lock and 112 rolls, good for street motor wheels up to 1300CCM and braced wheels up 800ccm tensile strength 4000kg, Chain Wheel Hochpräzis made from C45 high carbon steel, chain necklace 17 tooth sprocket made from SCM415 chromoly alloy steel (CNC), gear ration/45.
  • Chain Colour: Green.
  • Also available as a continuous chain on request.Once you have purchased this item please send us a message..
  • At No Extra Cost change we also on request the number of teeth of sprocket or chain. Please ask of the availability of the alternative transmissions in advance. Please note, to which can lead to change the Übersetzungsverhältnisses to Erlöschen the approval and therefore the insurance protection as well..
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  • Imported from UK.
Chain set Aprilia ETV 1000 Capo Nord 01-09/(Type PS004 PSB00) RK mm, 5GXW open XW ring-chain in green with Hohlniets lock and 112 wheels Suitable for street motorcycles up to 1300CCM and vert motorcycles up to 800ccm Tensile Strength 4000 kg Chain Sprocket Hochpräzis made of C45 High Carbon Steel Necklace chain made from SCM415 chromoly alloy steel (CNC) Gear Ratio 17/45 The necklace set includes a high quality motorcycle chain from the Japanese manufacturer's RK Taka Sago chain, to its outstanding properties, it high production quality and long service life. A high quality motorcycle chain should always have completely High-quality chain wheels are combined. This is why we have only Kettenräd and sprocket from JT Steel, respectively Jomt Shark, Maxum Tech, SuperSp Rox or esjot. Vernieten at no extra cost we will send you all o - , x, W Ring Chain to endless chains. In our item number marks a V is a quality level better than from the chain Manufacturer recommended, 2 V is two levels better quality than from the chain Manufacturer recommended and a 3 V is three quality levels better than from the chain Manufacturer Guarantee. Do you want a different gear ratio? We would like to help you, to all types of Übersetzungsänderungen free by clicking the link above. We handle your request as soon as possible.