• [Product performance] Adopting a coating waterproof surface, the inside of the car prevents aging, to protect your car effectively, to exhibit fire resistance, enabling a refreshing car environment. And everyone occupied a lot of space..
  • [Sun protection] Covers the whole front window all over and fits neatly. If the car is parked outdoors during the daytime, the interior of the car continues to be damaged by UV light. A sunshade on the inside of the car window prevents sunburn in the car and protects your car from UV rays..
  • [Suitable scene] 57 * 46 inches size, suitable for most car models, Protects the car from snow, rain, fog, ice, dust, UV rays, etc. Besides, it is also very useful for picnic mats and outdoor moisture-proof pads. Excellent thermal insulation can be insulated in summer and prevent freezing in winter..
  • [A sense of security] A fashionable sunshade that protects the interior of the car from strong sunshine! Protects the skin of babies and children from UV rays! It is also a suntan measure that women are concerned about! Recommended for privacy protection!.
  • The fixed bands on both sides of the product are used for fixing to the mirror of a motor vehicle, the tip of which has two needles, which may be absorbent. Then, one bundling bag is sent to be stored in the rear storage box or rear of the car..
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  • Imported from UK.
Colour Name:pattern6 Size Name:57 x 46 inches There are many reasons to choose our products. Prevent direct sunlight, lower the temperature in the car! There is no need to worry about snowing, and there is no need to worry about falling leaves, petals and birds on the windshield. Release from the year-round windshield cleaning with the windshield cover Unlike a windshield cover that is sandwiched between conventional doors, this product is fixed to the side mirror with a string on both sides, so it can be easily installed Besides, you can guard the car from the high temperature firmly under the sun. It has a three-layer structure: a smooth, waterproof reflective layer, an aluminum film interlayer that can cut ultraviolet light, and a sunshade layer made of black cloth. Product specification Unfolded size: 57 * 46 inches size 【Packaging method】 10 × 6inches size bundle pocket Car Sunshade Protecting Cars From Hot Sunlight When parked in the hot sun, it is said that it is the dashboard and the handle that the temperature rises most. An essential sunshade on a hot summer day. Do you want to stick to design because it is used every day? Let's show the appearance of the parked car cutely from the windshield to fashionable while preventing the sun! 57 * 46 inches size, ideal for most model windshields