• Language: English.
  • Binding: Paperback.
  • Publisher: Maple Press.
  • Genre: Children.
  • ISBN: 9789350333549, 9350333546.
  • Edition: 1, 2016.
  • Pages: 24.
    Rhymes are fun.Rhymes creates base of language speaking. Nursery Rhymes Book A with a collection of 21 rhymes comes with bright, dazzling and gorgeous illustrations. Full of items and themes from the world to stimulate and cultivate their minds and imagination and encourage their development.Content:Mary had a little LambJohny JohnnyRing a Ring O’ RosesGeorgy, PorgyThree Grey GeeseOne , Two , Buckle My ShoeTwo Little Dickie BirdsTwinkle Twinkle Little StarThank You God Pussycat, PussycatBaa, Baa , Black sheepCobbler, cobblerChubby cheeks, Dimple ChinDing , Dong, BellJack and JillHumpty DumptyI’m a Little TeapotHickory, Dickory, DockOnce I Caught a Fish AliveItsy Bitsy SpiderHot Cross Buns Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Maple Press Genre: Children ISBN: 9789350333549, 9350333546 Edition: 1, 2016 Pages: 24 Publication Year: 2016