• Nitrile rubber seal set is perfect for garages, general plumbers, mechanics, workshop and other places.
  • Suitable scope of rubber O ring set, such as cylinder, automobile, valve, chemical pipe, roller.
  • Plumbing gasket garage assortment set is wear resistant, high temperature proof and high pressure proof.
  • With the oring repair set, multi popular metric sizes, multi size for your choice, easy to operate.
  • The plumbing gasket garage assortment set with a box, portable and easy to carry, convenient for you to take.
  • Imported from UK.
Description 145pcs 8 Sizes HNBR Auto Air Conditioning Sealing O Ring Set. These O rings are special for auto air conditioning. Assortment O-rings with a convenient plastic case. Made from HNBR which can stay away from corrosion, oil, freon and with good watertightness. Stable performance, not easy to expand in medium, thermal shrinkage effect is small. Easy to process, and can maintain precise size. Non-corrosive contact surface, non-polluting media, etc. Specification: Material: HNBR. Color: Purple. Case Size: (approx.) 13 * 6.8 * 2.6cm. MODEL QUANTITY 20pcs 6.07 * 1.8 20pcs 7.65 * 1.78 20pcs 10.82 * 1.78 20pcs 12.42 * 1.78 20pcs 14 * 1.78 15pcs 6.8 * 1.9 15pcs 10.8 * 24 15pcs 13.8 * 2.4 Note: There might be a bit color distortions due to different computer resolutions. There might be size errors due to different computer resolutions. Package include: 145 * Air Conditioning Sealing Rings. Package Including .