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Sofa-Scratcher DIY Sisal Remnants - Premium Colors - 1 Square Foot

Product Description

Premium quality sisal fabric with rubber backing made from pure, unoiled/untreated, odor-free/toxin-free sisal fiber

Match your decor or your existing Sofa-Scratchers!

Perfect for DIY projects like scratching posts, shelves, rugs and more!

Sold by Square Foot: Quantity = Length

Contact us for custom shapes and sizes

Imported from USA


For all the Do-It-Yourselfers out there, we offer remnants of the same premium quality woven sisal material
that we use to make our Sofa-Scratchers! With unbound edges for easy cutting and backed with rubber padding to avoid
unraveling and shifting, these remnants are ideal for DIY scratching posts and cat trees, shelf coverings and floor
mats, and just about any other surface that you want to make scratch-able! These remnants are being sold in SQUARE FEET,
so the quantity you choose will be the length you receive. Your sisal order will arrive in one or more strips measuring
at least 12" wide and as many feet long as you indicate. Match your decor or your existing Sofa-Scratchers by choosing
one of the nine different premium colors we offer. Custom shapes and sizes are available. Please contact us with your
specifications and we'll do whatever we can to accomodate. Scratching is a natural and healthy activity for cats. Don’t
discourage it, redirect it! And no matter what, don’t ever, ever, declaw! Scratching is great for exercise and
stretching, for relieving stress or boredom, and for marking territory. It can be extremely pleasure-inducing and it's
also the natural way to condition and promote healthy nails. A good scratcher is tall enough for a cat to get a full
stretch and flex.

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