• [PREMIUM MATERIAL]--Egg Incubator made of durable and sturdy ABS material, detachable & adjustable dividers for easy cleaning & suitable for multiple sizes of eggs.
  • [AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS]--The humidity indicator is used to better control the humidity. The temperature display serves for better temperature control. Automatic turning of eggs.
  • [TEMPERATURE CONTROL]--Egg hatching incubator equipped with a computer-controlled system built-in temperature control alarming when overheating & better air circulation system balancing suitable temperature.
  • [EASY OBSERVATION]-- The transparent incubator makes it possible to see the conditions of the eggs and to observe the water that is located under the inverted grid in the vessel..
  • [MULTIPLE TYPES EGG]--The most updated microprocessors and electrical elements, it is suitable for all poultry, chicken, ducks, quail or any other fertile eggs.
  • Imported from UK.
Colour:Uk Plug Features: Automatic Egg Turning Every 2 Hours & Adjustable Hatching Warmth - simulates the original ecology hen hatching mode for better hatching Built-in fan to circulate the air for even temperature and humidity; LED display shows temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning countdown time; Digital temperature control for easy operation Easy Observation - LED candling lamp to quickly see the fertility of each egg and detect unfertilized eggs & transparent lid to observe the incubation process EASILY USE AND CLEAN: This incubator is very easy to use and it doesn't require much attention. You just plug it in and add water to create the humid environment that the eggs need. It was made environmental protection plastic, it is easy to clean and simple to use PORTABLE: Mini size, lightweight. Incubate up to 32 eggs for industrial or personal purposes.Suitable for: chickens, ducks, gooses, quails, birds, pigeon, etc.Transparent base for visibility of eggs hatching, perfect for incubation lessons and demonstrations Specification: Product Size: 18X13.8X8 in. Material: ABS Power: 80 W Voltage: 220-240V Plug Type: UK/EU Plug Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz Temperature range: 20°C - 40°C Package Contents: 1 x Egg Incubator 1x Foam Protection 1 x Power Cord