• Imported from UK.
    A revolutionary, deep moisturising treatment based on synergistical effect of active substances - hyaluronic acid, NMF ingredients, saccharides and ceramides. Intelligently moisturises the skin, strongly saturating with hygroscopic substances that retain and bind water in the epidermis and complements the natural inter cellular lipids. Hyaluron Plus is a real SOS for dehydrated and dry skin. Unique, velvety textures and fresh fragrance provide extremely pleasant application. Ingredients: Hydroviton® Plus (sodium hyaluronate, NMF, saccharides), ceramides, allantoin. Effects: • tones, refreshes and smooths the skin • actively moisturises and protects the skin against water loss • soothes irritations Treatment Suggestion * dry, rough, calloused skin * oily and mixed complexions with signs of dehydration * excessive sun exposure * disturbed water-lipid balance as a result of improper care * for people of any age, at any time of the year, especially in the hot and dry season * (In summer) as well as during the heating season (winter) Treatment Results * fast, long-lasting and optimal hydration of the skin * supplement the deficiency of moisture in the epidermis * reduction of superficial wrinkles resulting from dryness and dehydration * eliminating and peeling roughness of the skin * improved softness, smoothness and elasticity of the skin * reduction of unpleasant feeling of pulling and skin tension * activation of defensive functions of the skin to prevent water loss (TEWL slowdown) * healthy and youthful looking skin Treatment Frequency Twice a week for winter or summer beauty care. Suggested 8-10 treatments.