• asy to use 1. Cut off the tattoo and remove the transparent protective top layer..
  • 2. Firmly place the tattoo on clean, dry skin with the face down..
  • 3. Thoroughly wet the tattoo with a damp sponge or cloth..
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  • Imported from UK.
Colour:3pcs-16 No need to help others to operate at home and no pain does not hurt the skin. It is easier to accept than traditional tattoos. It is easy to change patterns frequently. It has the color and pattern to attract customers. Please clean the tattoo area before use to avoid dense hair and sweat. Tattoos will last longer. Do not apply sensitive skin around the eyes or allergic to the adhesive. Cleaning method Use alcohol-stained cotton to wipe the tattoo pattern all over the pattern. 20 seconds to remove the tattoo pattern. All tattoo stickers are made with vegetable ink. Printing All our tattoo stickers have passed the safety test, waterproof and environmental protection, no harm to the skin, so that customers can use the printed design pattern without any worries, the color is bright, it looks like a real tattoo. Very good choices, such as temporary tattoos, body makeup, can also cover scars on the body.