• ★Versatile light/fan: Ultra Bright 18 individual low powered LED bulbs. The fan has high and low settings to provide nice air circulation and lit up the tent nicely. You can orient in so many positions..
  • ★Fan/Light is 20 1/2 inch around, Fan Blades 4 inch across, Constructed with military grade; promising long-time durability, no matter where you go..
  • ★The extremely lightweight build allows you to take your lantern on the go with ease. When not in use collapse the lantern to a smaller size; store it effortlessly, taking little space..
  • ★Light up to 37 hours of regular, continuous use with enough battery capacity. 2 D batteries can keep the fan work for 5 hrs in high speed mode, and 15 hrs in low speed mode, 20 hrs for led light (Battery is not included).
  • ★BUILT TO WITHSTAND WEATHER: Designed with water-resistant material for safe operation in the rain or anywhere dark and moist (warm prompt: Do not immerse in water)..
  • Imported from USA.
This is a multi-function light/fan for camping and emergency situations. The lights are bright and will illuminate your home camper or small room. When the power is off, the fan will move the air sufficiently to keep you cool at high temperatures. 【PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS】 ★MATERIAL: ABS ★18 super bright LED bulbs require 2 D batteries (without battery) ★Two-speed fan ★ WEIGHT: 0.90Lb (0.41kg) ★ PRODUCT SIZE: 6.57" x 6.57" x 7.24" (18.4 x 16.7 x 16.7 cm) Up to 37 hours of light - from a set of batteries up to 50 hours (low speed) or up to 30 hours (high speed) fans. ★ Up from a set of batteries to 16 hours of light and fans (low speed) ★ hanging as a fan or light bulb ★Use as a fan ★ weather resistance ★ Built-in handle with hook is light and portable. 【PACKAGE CONTENTS】 1 x 18 Led camping light with fan 【WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS】 When opening or pointing to the eyes, do not look directly at the lamp head. Do not expose the torch to heavy rain or excessive moisture. Do not discard the battery in normal household waste. Dispose of the depleted battery to a locally approved battery recycling center for disposal. Do not throw batteries into fire as they may explode and cause serious injury or death.