• FX-Shock-Clear Anti Shock Screen Protector: Ultra-clear and shock absorbing, perfect fit for Hytera PD375.
  • Strong impact-absorbing effect thanks to newly developed, integrated absorber layers. The Anti Shock Screen Protector minimizes the risk of display rupture.
  • Crystal clear surface - no impairment of the display - Color control and touch function remain unaffected by the PD375 Protector Film.
  • Light - already existing - scratches on the display are almost invisible. The new nature of the PD375 Anti Shock Screen Protector significantly reduces the risk of scratching.
  • Accessory@FoliX - Made in Germany *** Stress-free and bubble-free assembly of the Screen Protector thanks to an optimized adhesive layer - can be repositioned at any time and can be removed at any time without residue.
  • Imported from UK.
FX-Shock-Clear Anti Shock Screen Protector by atFoliX, ultra-clear and shock-absorbing, suitable for Hytera PD375 The FX-Shock-Clear Protector Film is a high-tech Anti Shock Screen Protector for shock-sensitive displays - ideally suited for applications where a particularly high display sharpness is desired. This high-quality Screen Protector offers not only the highest, crystal clear transparency and high scratch-resistance, but also maximum safety for the display. The Anti Shock Screen Protector developed for the highest demands protects your display effectively against impacts, blows with hard objects and glass breakage. Its surface reduces fingerprints and is greasy and dirt repellent. The assembly of the FX-Shock-Clear Hytera PD375 Screen Protector has become even simpler: the newly developed adhesive layer allows for assembly without bubbles and inclusions. The antistatic film does not attract any dust when applied and can be rinsed with clean water and re-bonded as required. The Hytera PD375 Anti Shock Screen Protector does not impair the operation of screens and touch screens, which remain fully functional! Scope of delivery • 3 x FX-Shock-Clear Protector Film for Hytera PD375 • cleaning cloth • installation tool (squeegee) • Dust remover sticker • Link to the multilingual, illustrated mounting instructions (including mounting video) Packages for devices with several screens (e.g. internal and external screens) contain a protective film for each screen.