• A fun and challenging 3D puzzle of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou in China.
  • Constructed using CubicFun's unique slotting system..
  • Difficulty Level:6stars ; Number of Pieces:362.
  • Construction time: More than 4 Hours..
  • Length when completed:82.5cm.
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  • Imported from UK.
* CubicFun's range of 3D puzzles are fun and challenging to build, and leave you with an attractive scale model that can be displayed in your home or office. * The puzzles are manufactured in Guangdong, China, and are sold in 80 countries throughout the world. * An instruction booklet is also included which provides instructions on how to construct the puzzle, as well as interesting facts and information about the model. * A fun and challenging 3D puzzle of Classical Gardens of Suzhou. * Constructed using CubicFun's unique slotting system. * Difficulty Level: 6 stars ; Number of Pieces: 362. * Construction time: 240 to 300 minutes. * Length when completed: 82.5cm. Product Specifications: * Material Type: EPS Foam Board. * Box Dimensions: 44.6x30.8x7.2cm. * Item Model Number:MC166h. * Item Weight:2280g. * The Classical Gardens of Suzhou are a group of gardens in Suzhou region, Jiangsu province which have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The elegant aesthetics and subtlety of these scholars' gardens and their delicate style and features are often imitated by various gardens in other parts of China, including the various Imperial Gardens, such as those in the Chengde Mountain Resort. According to UNESCO, the gardens of Suzhou "represent the development of Chinese landscape garden design over more than two thousand years," and they are the "most refined form" of garden art. These landscape gardens flourished in the mid-Ming to early-Qing dynasties, resulting in as much as 200 private gardens. Today, there are 69 preserved gardens in Suzhou, and all of them are designated as protected "National Heritage Sites." In 1997 and 2000, eight of the finest gardens in Suzhou along with one in the nearby ancient town of Tongli were selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site to represent the art of Suzhou-style classical gardens.