• Pack of 2.
  • Type: Massager.
  • Installation Type: Straps.
  • Width x Length : 19.8 cm x 24.1 cm.
    Back ache has appeared to be one of the most prevalent and troubling healthcare problem in today's young office going population. The Reason : Wrong Sitting Postures, Long hours before computer, Lack of exercise, to name a few. But now, no need to continue suffering from that aching, tired back. Now driving will not be back pain any more with Car Vibrating Message Seat Cushion. Its vibrating massage technique keeps you relaxed and stress free no matter you are driving in city traffic or on a long tour. Its acupressure design gives relief to your back body. It helps to promote blood circulation and give acupressure treatment to your back body and thighs. It can relieve fatigue, muscle tension and provides vigour quickly. This ergonomically designed cushion pillow provides maximum comfort, perfect fit and proper support for your full spine ie. from shoulder blades to lower back. Physiotherapy design is adopted to correct the sitting posture of the back and relax the waist when you sit for a long time With in line High/ Low. Note - Vibrator machine is not in warranty. Pack of 2 Type: Massager Installation Type: Straps Width x Length : 19.8 cm x 24.1 cm Sales Package: 2 Pc x Back Rest Model Number: BackRest-679