• Eco friendly and Ethically produced.
  • 100% premium cotton canvas.
  • Plastic free and kind to the Biosphere.
  • Irritant free print.
  • Zip closure compartment and flat bottom.
  • Imported from UK.
This Premium Hippowarehouse tote is the best way to make an eco friendly statement in this current climate. This tote allows you to be kind to your Biospheres and be eco conscious when shopping for ethically produced products whilst remaining on trend. This product will help you to reduce your eco footprint and your plastic consumption overnight. This stylish and enviro-friendly bag has been developped with biodegradable printing methods. The non-toxic print also means that you don't have to worry about irritants to the skin or your environment. It's a must have, guilt free accessory for a shopper who wants to take action in a trying time for our planet and oceans. The best part is that the uses for this bag are endless - at 22 litres this can be used to replace your plastic shopping bags with a more reliable and durable hold. It can be used as a gym bag as it features a handy zip closure keeping your personal belongings safe. It can be used as a handy beach accessory or simply to start teaching our younger generations early how to conserve now for a better future.