• A personal Lucky Charm Bracelet/for any occasion and for any casual situation.
  • Happiness means, make the most out of all....
  • With a lot of love handmade bracelets by monks in Tibetan.Woven from Tibetan rope.
  • Unisex Bracelet in range of colours available..
  • Size Length Adjustable between 16 cm 22 cm, bracelet width 0.5 MM.
  • Imported from UK.
'Mister Boncuk's "Get Lucky Knot Bracelet Happiness means, make the most out of all... A personal lucky charm bracelet/ 'Take a stand for our braided "Get Lucky Celebrity Fashion bracelet. Subtle and it's still elegant spiritual eye-catcher for all. Get Lucky knots bracelet is a pretty companion for your daily outfits. 'This adjustable worn "Get Lucky Bracelet or bands are designed to be put to the wearer to bring good luck and best wishes to put on. It has a special frequency, which gently and yet powerful look. The development of a bracelet This beautiful Tibetan Buddhist get lucky - Lucky Bracelet has been hand crafted by the Tibetan Buddhist monks in Tibet. In the manufacturing of each individual mantras is bracelet by The Monks for memorizing purpose The bracelets are made from Tibetan ropes. This unisex bracelet is available in different colours.