• 1. 【Compatible】 Motorcycle Chain Breaker is a professional and practical Motorcycle Chain Breaker Connecting Rod Cutting Tool. For quick and accurate removal and installation of chain pins. Suitable for motorcycles / bicycles.
  • 2. 【High quality】: Motorcycle chain breakers are made of high quality materials with fine deterrence, high strength, toughness and strength. The surface is specially treated to ensure rust and durability. Austausc.
  • 3. 【Portable】 The motorcycle chain breaker is lightweight and a perfect chain tool. The needle is heat treated and hardened. Easy to use, can be easily broken in a few seconds. Great for home or work.
  • 4. 【Easy to use】 Motorcycle chain breakers are an indispensable tool for work or life. They reduce the power they need and save effort..
  • 5. 【Customer Service】 We guarantee that our chain breakers are 100% brand new. It was thoroughly tested and tested before leaving the factory. In case of problems, please contact us immediately. We are available 24 hours a day.
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  • Imported from UK.
Specification: Material: Alloy steel Colour: gold. Suitable for chain size: 420/428/520/525/528/530 Thimble Diameter: 3.2mm Package Weight: Approx. 240 g / 17.6 ounces. Accessories: for motorcycles / bicycles / ATV chains