• The Green Cell battery, which has been equipped with the highest quality Panasonic cell, guarantees outstanding performance, range and durability..
  • The available capacity makes it possible to cover 250 km when cycling leisurely or up to 125 km with maximum efficiency..
  • Compatible with Breezer Radon Rich Bit Sondors.
  • Set includes: E-bike battery | Charger | 2x keys.
  • Capacity: 20.4 Ah | Voltage: 48 V | Dimensions: 36 x 9 x 13.5 cm | Input: Cannon | Output: 4 Pin | Dedicated for engines with maximum power of 1500W.
  • Imported from UK.
Colour Name:E-BIKE Battery 48V 20.4Ah 979Wh Silverfish  🔋 Original Green Cell EBIKE Battery with Panasonic cells ensure perfect compatibility, long range and durability up to 600 discharging cycles. High-quality electronics guarantee outstanding performance and safety for Your Breezer Radon Rich Bit Sondors Electric Bike. ⚙ Technical data: * Capacity: 20.4 Ah * Voltage: 48 V * Dimensions: 36 x 9 x 13.5 cm * Input: Cannon * Output: 4 Pin Note! Before purchase, check your original battery's voltage and dimensions. 🚲 Why Green Cell? * Highly durable cells - Battery consists of the highest quality materials, including top class Panasonic cells. * Advanced electronics - The battery operates perfectly with the bike, providing stable current on optimal level. In addition, a set of essential protections increases bike's safety and cells' lifespan. * High-end design - Battery casing is made of high quality materials and is perfectly matched to the bike. 🔌 Advanced electronics * Resistance to extreme temperatures - The temperature control makes the cells work in a safe temperature range. * Protection from overcharge and deep discharge - Detection of values that are beyond the scale protect cells from being damaged. * Panasonic cells - efficient cells increase the battery's capacity significantly and as a result, the distance is bigger. * Short-circuit protection - At the risk of short-circuit, electronic system and cell packs are automatically isolated to prevent damage.