• 9 inch color TFT LCD Screen.high resolution camera,clear picture,night vision, and the lights can on/off.night lights adjustable.
  • Stainless Steel housing: Super Strong anti-corrosion,strong, durable and easily radiating.with sun-visor for bright environment outside.
  • 12V4000MA lithium battery, High quality special cable, waterproof and anti-corrosion/cold/tensile.
  • Special structure design make sure the camera is 100% waterproof.Waterproof,Level: IP68.
  • The product is an underwater video camera and fish finder,fish finder, underwater breeding monitoring, fishing monitoring,underwater viewing ,underwater adventure,water well monitoring.
  • Imported from UK.
Specifications Monitor: 9 inch LCD camera: high resolution focus(mm): 3.6mm Water proof: IP68 cable (diameter): 2MM Camera light source : 12 white LED lamp (12pcs IR LED) depth: 30m camera picture: color monitor image: color monitor input voltage : 12VDC sun-visor : removable Charger: AC100-240V DC12.6V 1000MA Battery lithium battery : 12V4000MA operation temperature : -20-60 degrees storage temperature: -30-80 degrees Package Included: 1 x Camera 1 x Cable 1 x Cell box 1 x Monitor 1 x Aluminum box 1 x Sun shade 1 x Charger 1 x Float 1 x Remote control