• 3 functional beauty heads for different parts of the body: dissolves fat, lymphatic drainage, tightens the skin, improves skin elasticity, can guide fat cells with directional Radio frequency emission function, accelerate exercise heat through sweat glands, intestinal circulation and lymph Recycle excess fat and extracorporeal toxins in the body to dissolve fat..
  • Removal of wrinkles and skin: this professional facial massager uses the technology developed in the fields of medicine and physiotherapy to activate the health and vitality of the cells. It removes facial wrinkles, reduces facial fatigue, eliminates fat cellulite and makes the skin more white and smooth. Firms the eye area, smoothes eye wrinkles, reduces dark circles around the eyes, tightens pores, tightens the skin and removes double chin..
  • Multipolar adjustable Radio frequency intensity to meet different needs: energy is transmitted efficiently and rapidly to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue through the electrode points, focusing on the target and the treatment range. When fibroblasts are stimulated by radiofrequency energy, it induces collagen self-recovery, allowing the skin to reproduce heat, thus promoting cell metabolism and stimulating collagen regeneration..
  • Reduce fat, body shaping: High frequency vibration cavitation 40k fat removal machine for weight loss can immediately break down fat cells, suitable for face, neck, abdomen, waist, thigh, calves and hips. Promotes metabolism, improves skin radiance, dissolves fat, lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, accelerates fat breakdown..
  • Recommendation: the slimming slimming machine can help the body shape to achieve the desired body shape. Through proper diet, it can effectively burn fat, it will become an effective way to lose weight..
  • Imported from UK.
Colour:03 Features: High frequency vibration cavitation 40k cellulite slimming machine can break up fat cells instantly and powerfully, applicable for face, neck, belly, waist, thigh, calf and buttocks. Remove face wrinkle, dilute facefreckle, eliminate fat cellulite, the skin gets whiter and smooth. Firm eye skin, smooth eye wrinkle, fade eye black circle, shrink pores, tighten loose skin, remove double chin. Promote metabolism, enhances luminosity of the skin, dissolve fat, lymphatic drainage, enhance blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat, let you keep a slim body figure. Fat reduction and body remodeling, Radio frequency multipolar adjustable intensity to meet your demand. Low energy and high frequency, safe and effective, equipped with 3 functional beauty heads for treating different body part and ensuring its high efficacy. Specifications: Condition: 100% Brand New Color: White Size: Approx. 13 * 19.5 * 25cm / 5.1 * 7.7 * 9.8in Voltage: 110V Optional Plug: UK Package List: 1 * Host 1 * Three-Pole Radio Frequency Head 1 * Six-Pole Radio Frequency Head 1 * Negative Pressure Head 1 * Four-Pole Radiofrequency Head 1 * 40k High frequency vibration Cavitation Fat Head 1 * Bag Of Filter Cotton 2 * Standby Fuse 1 * Hanger 1 * English Manual 1 * Power Cable