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    Review ------ “The 5 Habits of Prayerful People is practical and valuable as a tool for praying and growing closer to the Lord in regular prayer. A beginner in the spiritual life could benefit immensely from this primer and old prayer warriors like myself can discover fresh insights into organizing one’s daily prayer routine and living out of the joy of encounter with the living God. I love this small book and am delighted to recommend it. The 5 Habits of Prayerful People is going to be a hit with people seeking to deepen their relationship with God.” --Rev. Willy Raymond, C.S.C., President of Holy Cross Family Ministries “The beauty of Mike St. Pierre’s reflections is that they are based on his experience. Mike’s spot-on insights into practical engagement in prayer is clear, well written, and respectful of the awesome prayer tradition of our Church. The 5 Habits of Prayerful People has offered me new insights for my own life of prayer that I will make sure to share with others.” --Rev. Michael T. Martin, O.F.M. Conv., Director of Catholic campus ministry, Duke University “The 5 Habits of Prayerful People provides many welcome and practical tips to finding God in the midst of our busy daily lives. Mike St. Pierre helps the reader cultivate time spent with God, time that actually yields deep dividends in every other area of our day. This book brings wisdom and insight into the challenges, the joys, and the rewards of personal prayer.” --Rev. Michael White, Coauthor of Rebuilt “Whether you’re a prayer newbie seeking solace, a veteran spiritual soldier in search of a new tool, or simply a person of faith who deeply desires a more fruitful relationship with the divine, Mike St. Pierre’s The 5 Habits of Prayerful People will be a gift for your daily walk with God. Full of practical tips and tools, Mike reminds us that there is no one-size-fits-all system for grace. The book is the perfect companion to cultivate a prayer life that helps each of us answer the call to holiness in our own unique way.” --Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of and author of The Grace of Yes “Here is the witness of an incredibly busy administrator who has still found ways to make prayer and personal growth a priority in his life. With humility and humor, St. Pierre encourages each and every one of us to do the same. Busy people everywhere will find encouragement for building a habit of prayer in their lives.” --Ann M. Garrido, Author of Redeeming Administration and Redeeming Conflict “What if you could take the smartest tactics from everyday work and apply them to your faith? Mike St. Pierre's book does just that—it brings your daily productivity to your daily prayers. ” --Laura Stack, President and CEO of The Productivity Pro “I loved this book! As someone who’s constantly trying excel at personal productivity, reading The 5 Habits of Prayerful People reminded me that it’s not only about “getting prayer done” but about taking my relationship with God to a whole new level. Mike St. Pierre shows how using good productivity habits can help make prayer an integral part of my daily life so that I can become a better follower of Christ.” --Michael Sliwinski, Founder and CEO of Nozbe Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) From the Author --------------- Michael St. Pierre is executive director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association. He has more than twenty years of experience in parishes and schools and with nonprofit organizations as a teacher, campus minister, department chairman, youth minister, dean of students, and president. His work has been featured on numerous podcasts, publications, and on radio, including Catechist, Productive Magazine, America, Relevant Radio, Catholic School Matters, Today’s Parish Minister, Give Us This Day, Momentum, and Catholic Exchange. St. Pierre and his wife, Cary, live with their children in New Jersey. Chris Lowney is an author, speaker, leadership consultant, and chairman of the board of Catholic Health Initiatives. Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) See all Editorial Reviews ( /dp/product-description/1594718792/ref=dp_proddesc_0?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books&isInIframe=0 )