• Imported from UK.
    Long live The Queen!Fully equipped, the Queen is the entry level binding you want with all the features you need. The top quality materials are the perfect option for just getting into snowboarding. The Queen offers superior foothold and with its forgiving flex, maintains an easy and smooth ride to allow you to improve your riding at an increased rate. MFC comfort straps complete the package of Womenâ€s entry level binding royalty. Highback A collection of highbacks specifically conceived for a womanâ€s biological makeup, the Ladfyit is constructed with a shorter, rounded top for extra support and the best possible fit, excellent flex and reactivity with a feminine design touch. Baseplate The Delta Base is the original Drake concept at its purest. A pre-curved aluminium heel cup directly connected to a nylon/fiberglass baseplate, creating flawless, solid assembly. Designed from the perfect blend of nylon and aluminium for responsiveness and dampening. Together they create a soft, forgiving baseplate ideal for beginners and freestyle enthusiasts. Fully customizable with a variety of heelcup- and toe ramp adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. The Classic Drake disc mounts on 4-hole and 3-hole patterns without a hassle. Donâ€t waste time looking for ways to rig a custom stance. Straps The MFC Straps are dual-density, comfortable, 3D shaped straps which improve the control in every condition. The MAC 4 is a fast and lightweight, aluminium ratchet for advanced performance. Features * Baseplate: Delta * Highback: Ladyfit * Straps: MFC Toe & Ankle * Buckles: MAC 4 * Classic Disc