• Material:Mesh Cloth + Galvanized Steel Wire.
  • Type:Hanging Baskets.
  • Green material: Made of natural materials, eco-friendly and durable. Can be washed directly with water, or wipe with a damp cloth, can be rubbed with a gap, pay attention to drying in time..
  • Hand-knit: This simple and stylish flower basket is practical and elegant, hanging anywhere you like, adding a love to your plants and adding elegance to your home..
  • Application: This basket has a versatile style that can be hung from the hook on the ceiling or suspended from the wall..
  • Imported from UK.
Colour:Yellow Material:Mesh Cloth + Galvanized Steel Wire Type:Hanging Baskets Feature: This sling is used to hold flower pots. The rope is durable and can hold heavy flower pots. The sling can be used indoors or outdoors - just bring it in the cold winter months. You can hang it on the ceiling hook or on the wall for use on the balcony or garden hooks. Does not contain flower pots and plants