• Adjustable buckle strong applicability: The bottom groove adopts imported ABS material rubber mouth porous position design for different bicycle rods, good elasticity, good toughness, no damage to car paint..
  • Data interspersed: steel density is 0.785, aluminum density is 0.285, and the steel frame is made of steel as the main material, which has high safety and strong bearing capacity..
  • It adopts German special grade A steel pipe, bright color, no fading, anti-rust, not afraid of high temperature, sun and rain and other harsh environments..
  • The thickness of the sponge is up to 20MM, which acts as a buffer to effectively protect the paint..
  • Aluminum alloy high-density metal buckle is firm and firm without breakage, the length of tightness is easily adjustable; high-density nylon webbing pulls up to 100KG to ensure the safety of long-distance transportation; the buckle rubber is wear-resistant and does not hurt the paint..
  • Imported from UK.
product name:Car bicycle rack Load capacity: 41KG-50KG Product size: 96CM*62CM*13CM Weight: high carbon steel 7.5KG; stainless steel 6.9KG product details: 1. Adjustable buckle strong applicability 2. Data interspersed 3. It adopts German special grade A steel pipe 4. The thickness of the sponge is up to 20MM installation steps: 1. Spread the handle when the handle is 90° on the steel pipe. 2. Loosen the handle to adjust the bracket angle. 3. After adjusting the angle, adjust the handle to the horizontal position of the steel pipe. If you meet some problems, please contact us and we will provide professional operation guidance.