• ❤These mesh laundry bag minimize the knotting/twisting of clothing to get with washer, if you tired of untying wet clothes before putting them in dryer, While also minimizing the chance of colors bleeding into each other.
  • ❤The laundry bag for delicates using Air Mesh materials which has good gas permeability and elastic function.The material sturdy and easy to use, The water flow can be well circulated without worrying about the washing powder, At the same time, it is very good for buffering the wear and tear of clothes.
  • ❤The upgraded plastic zipper is durable and can effectively reduce noise during washing in the washing machine. At the same time, the design of the intimate anti-wear protection sleeve can also effectively prevent the bag zipper from being pulled open.
  • ❤These lingerie bags for laundry small medium and large different sizes laundry bags fit all your washing needs. Especially good for delicates, lingerie, sweaters, knits, bras, un-derwear, active wear and baby clothes.
  • ❤We Promise 90-day Product Exchange and 30-day Money Back Guarantee! If you are not 101% satisfied, contact us directly (even if after the return window) and we will provide you with a No-Questions-Asked replacement or refund.
  • Imported from USA.
HAOYUNTE Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates will solve your concerns in washing clothes. 1.Minimize the knotting/twisting of shirts get with washer; tired of sicking of looking for little pieces 2.When all kinds of washing clothes are mixed and washed, the fibers or wool of other clothes will be everywhere 3.One of the clothes fades and causes other clothes to be dyed Feature Soap and water flow easily through the mesh for optimal cleaning, by using Air Mesh materials which has good gas permeability and elastic function.The surface is mesh design, and the middle layer is MOLO yarn connecting the surface and the bottom surface which is usually a densely woven flat plate. There is a layer of dense net under the fabric, so that the surface of the net is not too large deformation, strengthen the fastness of the fabric, durable. Premium plastic Zippers,zipper cover for extra protection so zipper won’t open when wash-ing and drying, Zip up and pro-tect your clothes while washing and drying. Multiple Combinations 1 Large Bag: 23.6”× 19.6” 1 Medium Bag: 19.6”× 15.7” 1 Small Bag: 15.7”× 11.8” 1Cylindrical Bag: 12.9”× 8.6” 1 Bra Washing Bag: 5.9”× 6.6” 1 triangle Bag: 7.8”× 7” Matters needing attention 1.Please put the light and dark clothes separated in the different bag 2.Remember to Tuck the Zipper Pull Inside the Flap to Prevent the Bag from Opening While in the Washer Or Dryer 3.Save delicate fabrics from developing snags by placing them in mesh laundry bags before washing. This is especially true when doing a mixed weight load