• ✔ Product name - paddle flow switch; Model: HFS-20; Switch Type: SPDT. Screw terminal connection, male thread, plastic coated housing, paddle type..
  • ✔ Application - This flow switch is an automatic element that controls flow in pipes, which can be used on water treatment system, central air-conditioning, water cooled chiller and relative industries..
  • ✔ Measure Range - It is used to measure the dynamic state of the liquid flowing through the pipeline. Applicable fluid includes water, ethylene glycol, oil or other liquid not classified as hazardous or corrosive and air..
  • ✔ Adjustable - The flow control value is adjustable and the action repetition point is stable..
  • ✔ Automatic Control - When flow rate exceeds set value, fluid drives blade and micro switch, the SPDT contact can connect a circuit and disconnect other circuit..
  • Imported from USA.
Size:3/4" Practical Paddle Type Liquid Flow Sensor Switch. Features screw terminal connection, male thread, plastic coated housing, convenient to install and easy to use. Can be mounted with a horizontal pipe line or vertical pipeline for the air conditioner, water heater, and more. Used in liquid flow lines carrying water or any fluid, but not harmful to brass or phosphor bronze and not classified as a hazardous fluid. Note: It can not be used when fluid temperature drops below freezing point. Specification: Material:brass, stainless steel( Leaf blade), plastic (shell) Interface dimensions: 3/4''(HFS-20) Control mode: blade type Max working pressure: 1.0Mpa Ambient temperature: 0C~60℃ Fluid Temperature: 1℃~100℃ Micro switch: single pole double throw (SPDT) Contact life: 100, 000 cycles Electrical parameters of micro - switch: 220VAC, 15A Weight: Approx.362g Package include: 1 x Flow switch 1 x Operation manual 3 x Paddles

Peissy 3/4" Water Flow Control Switch 250V HFS-20 SPDT Water Cooling System Thread Paddle Type Flow Switch