• Compatible with all 7", 8", 9", 10" Sylvania & Philips Portable DVD Player (⚠️not for RCA portable DVD players).
  • for Sylvania DVD player Sdvd7014 Sdvd7024B Sdvd7025 Sdvd7026 Sdvd7027-c Sdvd7027 Sdvd7029 Sdvd7030-b Sdvd7036 Sdvd7037 Sdvd7038 Sdvd7040b Sdvd7045 Sdvd7046 Sdvd7047 Sdvd7051 Sdvd7060-combo Sdvd7061 Sdvd7063 Sdvd7066 Sdvd7068.
  • Sdvd7072 Sdvd7073 Sdvd7075 Sdvd7079 Sdvd7110 Sdvd7750 Sdvd8009 Sdvd8716 Sdvd8728 Sdvd8790 Sdvd9000 Sdvd9001 Sdvd9002 Sdvd9000b2 Sdvd9019 Sdvd9020b Sdvd9321 Sdvd1032 Sdvd1030 Sdvd1332 Sdvd1048 Sdvd7015 Sdvd7060-combo Sdvd1256 Sdvd1251 Sdvd1566 Sdvd7002d Sdvd7051 Sdvd7049 Sdvd7043 Sdvd7075-b Sdvd7009 Sdvd9060 Sdvd9017.
  • dual screen player Sdvd7024B Sdvd7025 Sdvd7026 Sdvd7030 Sdvd7036 Sdvd7037 Sdvd7038 Sdvd7040b Sdvd7045 Sdvd7046 Sdvd7047 Sdvd7061 Sdvd7063 Sdvd7066 Sdvd7068 Sdvd7072 Sdvd7073 Sdvd7079 Sdvd7110 Sdvd7750 Sdvd8532 Sdvd8706b Sdvd8716 Sdvd8716d Sdvd8727 Sdvd8728 Sdvd8730 Sdvd8732 Sdvd8735 Sdvd8737 Sdvd8737a Sdvd8738 Sdvd8739 Sdvd8741 Sdvd8790 Sdvd8791 Sdvd9000 Sdvd9001 Sdvd9002 Sdvd900b2 Sdvd9805c Sdvd9805 Sdvd9957-b Sdvd1010 Sdvd1037 Sdvd9960.
  • 6-1/2' or 200cm in total length, 12V input double insulation cable with LED power indicator, 30 days money back, one-year warranty from Edo Tech Supply.
  • Imported from USA.
compatible to Sylvania 10R-03 10213. work with all Sylvania 7" 8" 9" & 10" portable DVD Player SDVD7002 SDVD7004 SDVD7009 SDVD7110 SDVD7011 SDVD7012 SDVD7014 SDVD7014BJ SDVD7015 SDVD7018 SDVD7018c SDVD7020 SDVD7024 SDVD7024B SDVD7025 SDVD7026 SDVD7027 SDVD7029 SDVD7030 SDVD7036 SDVD7037 SDVD7038 SDVD7040b SDVD7045 SDVD7046 SDVD7047 SDVD7051 SDVD7061 SDVD7063 SDVD7066 SDVD7068 SDVD7072 SDVD7079 SDVD7110 SDVD7750 SDVD8009 SDVD8532 SDVD8706 SDVD8716 SDVD8716D SDVD8727 SDVD8728 SDVD8730 SDVD8732 SDVD8735 SDVD8737 SDVD8738 SDVD8739 SDVD8741 SDVD8790 SDVD8791 SDVD9000 SDVD9001 SDVD9002 SDVD9004 SDVD9005 SDVD9006 SDVD9009 SDVD9019 SDVD9020 SDVD9020b SDVD9805 SDVD9104 SDVD1010 SDVD1023 SDVD1030 SDVD1048

EDO Tech 6-1/2' DC Car Charger Adapter Cable Power Cord for All 7" 9" 10" Sylvania Portable Single Dual Screen DVD…