• Heavy-duty group 24 battery box for 12-volt marine, RV, boat, and trailer batteries..
  • Features patented locking tabs to fasten the lid to the base securely and reinforced handles to prevent cracking during relocation..
  • Built for rugged environments with an impact resistance down to minus 20-degrees Fahrenheit, and unaffected by acid, gas, oil, as well as, UV exposure..
  • Limits battery movement and protects against accidental shorting of battery terminals, as well as, collects battery acid and allows adequate ventilation..
  • Certified and tested to meet United States Coast guard (USCG) code of Federal regulations 183. 420, American boat and yacht Council (ABYC) E-10. 7 specifications, and frustration-free packaging..
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  • Imported from USA.
The HM300BKS Group 24 Snap-Top Battery Box is a battery storage solution for Group 24 battery sizes, including 12V Marine, RV, Boat, and Trailer Batteries. It features locking tabs to fasten the cover securely to the battery case, reinforced plastic handles to prevent cracking during battery relocation, and allows adequate ventilation of battery acid vapors. This rugged battery box maintains its impact properties down to minus 20°F, as well as, resistant UV, oil, gas and other contaminants. Perfect installation in a car, boat, camper, motorhome, trailer, or caravan, as well as, generator equipment. Other commonly used search terms: battery box,marine battery box,battery boxes marine,rv battery box,boat battery box,waterproof battery box,trailer battery box,trolling motor battery box,battery box strap,12v battery box,battery boxes,battery storage box,small battery box,rv battery box strap,battery box marine,car battery box,smart battery box,noco battery box,12 volt battery box,camper battery box,battery box rv trailer,6 volt battery box,solar battery box,heavy duty battery box,battery box 12v,6v rv battery box,6 volt battery box for rv,box battery,6volt battery box,6v battery box,small battery box 12v,snap top battery box,big battery box,outdoor battery box,battery box trailer,battery box for rv,waterproof 12v battery box,trolling battery box,battery box vent,vented battery box,battery box for camper,rv battery box lock,battery box deep cycle,24 battery box,group 24 battery box,battery box 24,battery box group 24

NOCO HM300BKS Group 24 Snap-Top Battery Box

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