• Rurouni Kenshin Revoltech Super Poseable Action Figure #109 Himura Kenshin.
  • Body size: Approximately 13.5 CM.
  • Subject gender: Boys.
  • Target age: From age 15.
  • Major countries of manufacture: China.
  • Imported from USA.
Prototype production: Yamaguchi Katsuhisa Fly heavenly swimmer technique with Yamaguchi action! Author ? Nobuhiro Wagetsu is a full-scale moveable figure pushing the drumming. œ Hiraemura Kenshin emerged from "Rurouni Kenshin" which will be the 15th anniversary of 2011 animation. Considering the reproduction of sword action in the play, Yamaguchi's unique bold parts division constitutes the whole body. œ It is precisely because Revoltech Yamaguchi can decide the sword technique of the Flying Sword Arm. œ Using the display stand, the action in the air is still wondering. - Interchangeable with two facial expressions staring left and right. œ You can reproduce the sitting posture by removing the left leg hem of the baka. œ The attached reverse blade meets 2 types for shape-oriented display and for sword action that can be inserted and removed. - Includes 6 kinds of exchange wrists with facial expressions such as breaking the sword, grasping the sheath, and standing. yAuthor ? Mr. Nobuhiro Kazuki commentz "Movable doll of sword heart ... Once I gave up with my dreams, now I realized it when I requested it at the last opportunity, and I realized it. Moreover, Yamaguchi Katsuhisa prototype! Revoltech Kenshin, take it in his hands and skillfully skill the sky of sword skill flow! "

Rurouni Kenshin Revoltech Super Poseable Action Figure #109 Himura Kenshin