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MWPO Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp, USB Powered Mosquito LED Receiver for Outdoor Outdoor Home Patio Outdoor

AED 689

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Product Description

1. Prevent mosquitoes in advance, more humane

2. Deep anti-mosquito effect

3. Can also be used for a long time, just one touch

4. Turn on mosquito killing function anytime and anywhere, prevent mosquitoes in advance, and be more humanized

5. Anti-escape cage design to prevent mosquitoes from being inhaled and escaped, water-washable materials, making cleaning easier

Imported from UK

We will return it to you without any problems and will not satisfy you.

Working principle: This product uses LED light to generate light, which can attract the surrounding mosquitoes to the
light source. When the mosquito approaches the light source, the air flow generated by the fan quickly draws the
characters into the escape prevention net of the extermination device.


1. Using DC5V, please plug in the USB power directly and press the switch on the top. (Lightly press: Strong wind mode;
Tap twice: Mid-range wind power; Tap three times: Silent sleep mode)

2. If you use the intelligent light control mode control (automatically start or close according to the light
intensity), please open the black silicone sleeve on the top light control probe to expose the light probe. At this
time, the light control probe will start according to the outside light or shut down.

3. Place the mosquito killer lamp within one meter of the room from the ground, avoiding interference from other light

4. Unplug the upper and lower body and remove the mosquito remnant cell phone cover without power.

5. Built-in 2600 mA battery charging can use 5-6 hours

6. Portable outdoor suspension.

7. After the treatment of mosquito residues, tighten the upper and lower body to restore the original.

1. Input voltage: DC5V-1A

2. Rated power: 3W-5W

3. Net weight: 0.53KG

4. Gross weight: 0.75KG

5. Use area: 60-120 square meters

6. Color box size: 14.5*14.5*22.5cm

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