Water Filter Pitcher 10 Cup Long-Lasting Purifier with Electronic Filter Indicator Filtered Water Pitcher Removes Harmful Contaminants Chlorine Metals & Sediments Activated Carbon Filter - Healthy 2.8

AED 324
Color: Blue

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Product Description

Change your drinking style: multi-effect filtration technology, effectively reduce scale, heavy metals, residual chlorine, impurities, odor and so on. High-density microporous filtration effectively reduces floating impurities in tap water. Activated carbon filtration effectively reduces chlorine, impurities and odors and improves the taste of water. Ion exchange technology effectively reduces scale and heavy metals (such as copper and lead). Flow control technology to effectively control the fi

60-day countdown: The filter replaces the display, and the time limit is 60 days or the filter is 150L to remind the core change. Filter Replacement Monitor User Guide, Activate: Press and hold the "ST ART" button for 3 seconds. Off: Press and hold the "ST ART" button for 3 seconds. Reset: Press and hold the "ST ART" button for 10 seconds.

Micro Flow Technology: Microfluidic technology makes the filtration better, makes the water fresher and more delicious, and the cooked food is more delicious. Cooking and preparing healthy foods are fresher and better filtered and environmentally friendly. There are changes to reduce the amount of scale that may accumulate in household appliances. Make tea more mellow and taste better. With 150L of filtered water, the cooked rice is softer and more delicious.

Easy to pour water: The product structure is more user-friendly. The 2.8L dump is effortless, the capacity is moderate, the grip is comfortable, and the pouring is easier. Finger pressure type water injection port, press the top cover to fill the water. The automatic water outlet automatically flows out of the kettle body. Filter card slot, easy to replace the filter.

Mother and baby preferably retain minerals: transparent health and safety: AS material, anti-drop, lightweight, stainless steel durable material. Preserved minerals in the water, trace elements that are beneficial to the body, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc., fresh and pure.

Imported from USA


Name: 2.8L net kettle
Color: blue, sky blue, pink
Filtered water source: municipal tap water
Total capacity: 2.8L
Single filtration amount: 1.3L
Weight: 0.75KG
Filter material: PP meltblown fiber, silver-loaded activated carbon, ion exchange resin
Components: top cover, filter element, funnel, kettle
Filtered water temperature: 5-40 ° C, can not filter hot water
Filter replacement cycle: 4-8 weeks / 150L (the specific usage time varies depending on local water quality)
Storage method: dry and cool, avoid direct sunlight
Filter life: 3 years
Note: Filtered water can not be directly consumed, need to be boiled.
Color box size: 26*11 *27cm

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