• Health: From pure to pure fresh water, drinking water, fresh water, and comprehensive health care. Home cooking is soft and sweet. Soup, fresh and not savory, preserve delicious. Coffee, good taste, silky and mellow. Make tea. Soaked milk powder, filtering harmful substances, peace of mind and more peace of mind..
  • Multi-layer filtration: long design filtration, tap water filtration, filter 120mm lengthening design, water is more pure. The high-density filter can effectively filter small particles of suspended matter and dirt in tap water. Natural activated carbon can effectively filter chlorine, heavy metals, organic chemicals and pesticides in tap water to enhance the taste of drinking water and remove odor. Ion exchange resin softens water quality, reduces scale formation, balances the pH of tap water,.
  • 1500 iodine value: imported coconut shell activated carbon, high-efficiency filtration of harmful substances such as heavy metals. 1. Strong adsorption capacity, completely remove harmful substances. 2. Long life. 3. The adsorption speed is fast. Ordinary 400-800 iodine activated carbon, it is difficult to achieve the functional effect of clean water, using 1500 iodine value coconut shell activated carbon, truly achieve the water purification effect, let you and your family enjoy a healthy and h.
  • Intelligent memory: Care for health at any time, filter replacement display adjustment: long press the "Start" button for about six seconds until the horizontal bars on the display appear. When the horizontal bar disappears, the BUNISI filter should be replaced..
  • Design: thin to 100mm does not occupy the ground, easy to place in the side door of the refrigerator, more than enough space. Dolphin streamline design, free to take it, in the living room, kitchen or refrigerator is a free landscape. Easy to take water, more human. On the market, the upper cover is not pushed forward, it is easy to cause the cover to overturn, affecting the experience. After thousands of tests and adjustments, the buckle flat push cover is introduced, which is safer and more hu.
  • Imported from USA.
Capacity: 2.4L Water purification: 1L Clean water flow: 0.11L/MIN Working pressure: constant temperature (0-0.1MPa) Note: filter cartridge replacement for 60 days Instructions: 1. Insert the filter element vertically into the bottom slot of the middle cup and tighten the filter element. 2. After the water bottle is filled with more than half of the water, moderately press the middle cup and activate the filter element with water pressure backlash, repeating 3 times. 3. Install the parts and push the card cover flat; filter three times before using water, and drink it for the fourth time. 4. Display: Press and hold for 10 seconds to start using. 5. The filter element is pressed into the water and soaked for 5 minutes. The water must completely submerge the filter element. It is normal for black water to appear when the filter element is shaken up and down 10-20 times.