• MULTIFUNCTIONAL WITH WIDE VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS - Designed to label anything you want - Mason jars, spice jars, jams, preserves, beers, wines, bottles and so on - Perfect to organize your kitchen, office, studio, etc - The limit is your imagination..
  • MADE OF PREMIUM MATERIALS - Produced with the latest, best quality and sustainable materials - With a glossy and bright texture - It is perfect for any kind of flat surface - Ideal for pens and markers..
  • ALSO CREATED FOR ACADEMIC USE - These stickers, apart from labeling jars, are also designed to organize your academic life (Label your notebooks, folders, ring binders and so on) - And they are also perfect to make gorgeous gift labels too..
  • COLOURFUL AND MODERN - Beautiful design with colourful illustrations or images from the most trendy branded licenses - Label your jars in a original and beautiful way..
  • ERIK PRODUCTS - Products of the most trendy branded licenses of the moment and made of the best quality materials  - Experts in paper products since 1997.
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  • Imported from UK.
Adhesive labels A4 the labels are the perfect addition to personalise jaars, containers and any type of material. Official product with the best materials and with a wide variety of design and licenses. The size of labels is 8 x 4 cm. They are distributed in 2 different sheets with 8 rectangular labels each (16 tags in total), stored in an envelope made of polypropylene. The paper is self-adhesive Gloss 80 G.

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