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GHPET Cat litter box with lid,cat litter box large,Standard Cat Litter Boxes,large mesh mesh with drawer,suitable for all kinds of cat litter-Pink

Product Description

Drawer type litter box,weighing about 3.2kg,size 51.5*40*38.5cm,suitable for all kinds of cat litter.

Portable top storage,top arc design,fat cat enjoys worry-free, large area pelvic floor,avoid sticking.

The drawer type push-pull tray, the bottom drawer can be pulled pulled, and the shovel can be shovel.

Large space anti-splash,innovative drawer type, shovel is convenient and fast;falling sand pedal,anti-sand out,fully enclosed,really stinky.

The falling sand pedal is sand-proof and the door frame is integrated with the falling sand pedal.According to the cat's habit design, it effectively prevents the cat litter from coming out.

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Imported from UK

Name: Drawer-type closed litter box
Material: ABS plastic
Color: blue, brown, pink, green
Size: 51.5×40×38.5cm
Weight: 3.2kg
Applicable cat litter: tofu cat litter, bentonite,

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