• PP resin material, PP resin material, anti-fall, anti-corrosion, not easy to aging, long service life.
  • Fully enclosed design protects privacy, fully enclosed design, prevents odor from escaping and returns to your fresh and natural home.
  • The two-way door is easy to enter and exit, and the side of the basin is equipped with a two-way door to facilitate the cat to enter and exit to lock the odor..
  • The screening layer grid is clean and the sand is clean, the cat litter is cleaned, and the cat litter can be replaced as a storage..
  • Removable garbage tank, removable garbage tank, easy to clean, intimate design.
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  • Imported from UK.
Material: PP resin Size: 58*46*43cm 1. Easy to design, easy to carry, easy to carry, safe to not hurt 2. Mysterious top dark grid, removable garbage bag for easy cleaning, adsorption The active sheet effectively removes the odor 3. The installation is simple and the buckle is firm, the toilet is double-layered and fast, and it is easy to clean and install . Please contact us if you have any questions.