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GHPET Cat Litter Box Top Entry-Portable litter box collapsible outdoor Oxford cloth waterproof car available cat out of the toilet,As a gift-green-S

Product Description

Product size and weight: small: 40*30*10cm, 0.30Kg; large: 45*35*12.5cm, 0.57Kg.

Fabric: High-end custom waterproof encryption Oxford cloth; high-end custom waterproof encryption lining.

Lining: Customized new environmentally friendly PE board.Metal parts:high-end custom vintage metal buttons.

Perfect Gift - Can be used as a birthday gift, Easter gift, Advent Day gift, Halloween gift, Christmas gift, etc.Whether you are getting ready for a long roadtrip, or you're just visiting a friend's house with your kitten, our Easily foldable litter tray will make sure that your buddy creates no mess.

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Imported from UK

Product size and weight:
Small: 40* 30* 10cm; 0.30Kg.
Large: 45*35*12.5cm; 0.57Kg.
Fabric: high-end custom waterproof encryption Oxford cloth; high-end custom waterproof encryption lining.
Lining: custom new material environmental protection PE board.
Ribbon: high-end custom encryption ribbon.
edging: high-end custom encryption nylon edging.
metal parts: high-end custom retro metal buttons.
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