• Environmental protection, insect resistance, safety, aroma of wood, moisture resistance, anti-corrosion, no deformation, clear lines, light weight, low water content..
  • Bearing weight and aesthetics, preferred international quality Ma Steel, tightly integrated, contains huge support..
  • Pipe fittings adopt the classic plastic spraying, from the source to eliminate formaldehyde, rust and corrosion resistant deep carbonization process..
  • The overall stability, environmentally friendly and simple design is an indispensable decoration in the home..
  • - Rugged construction for maximum stability and strength The perfect storage solution keeps your home clean and orderly..
  • Imported from USA.
Size:Single layer Storage shelf Color:Brown Name: Storage shelf Material: metal pipe fittings Specifications: Single layer Storage shelf,double layer storage shelf,Three layers Storage shelf Size: 5.9*15.7*5.9in,23.6*17.7*23.6in,37.0*22.8*37.0in Color: brown Weight: Single layer 1.7KG, double layer 3.4KG, Three layers 7.5KG Use a more difficult wire to avoid rough solder joints. It does not contain formaldehyde and is ready for use. It will last forever and will not fade in 20 years. The product is a shelf. Shelf ornaments do not sell or contain anything Thank you for your patronage! I wish you a happy shopping and a happy life! In the process of purchasing products, please contact us and we will answer your questions in time ★ Note: This article contains only shelves and does not include other items. The product is measured by hand, so there is a small error in the measurement size. For more information, please refer to the actual product, understand If you place an order, you will receive the product within 15-25 days.