• Contents:.
  • 1 x Arexons Mirage 8249 Headlight Restoring Polish for Plastic Car Headlights 150ml.
  • 1 x Brightener, 8252 Mirage 150ml for a brilliant chrome mirror effect.
  • 1 x Mirage Car Scratch Remover 150ml removes micro scratches from shiny bodywork.
  • 1 x Bardahl Concentrated Antifreeze Windscreen Cleaner Liquid, cleans and degreases from -20 °C, 250ml..
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  • Imported from UK.
Contents: 1 x Arexons Mirage 8249 headlight restoring polish for plastic car headlights 150ml 1 x 8252 Mirage for brilliant chrome car mirror effect 150ml 1 x Arexons Scratch remover 150ml anti-scratch micro scratches for polished bodywork Mirage Arexons 8249 headlight restoring polish for car headlights150ml Mirage 1 x Bardahl windscreen cleaner concentrated liquid squeegee concentrated antifreeze, cleans and degreases, works from -20 °C 250 ml. Mirage® Headlight renewal is specifically formulated to restore the transparency of headlights at the first stages of dulling. It improves headlight brightness during night driving. Its formula removes any surface dullness from plastic car and motorbike headlights. Also suitable for polishing scooters, motorbike fairings, camper windows or plastic boats. It is very easy to use and no tools are needed. It makes it easier to pass road worthiness inspections. Size: 150ml Arexons 8252 Mirage for brilliant chrome car finish 150ml MIRAGE® Chrome Mirror is specifically designed to remove oxidation, leaving behind a shiny finish and making all chrome and metallic surfaces as good as new. Sensational Chrome Mirror Effect: perfect for those who prefer a glossy finish on their car/motorcycle's bumpers, mirrors, handles etc. Size: Arexons Mirage® 150ml Scratch remover anti-scratch micro scratches for polished vehicle bodywork. The product removes scratches, thanks to its special formulation and microparticles that allow you to remove the superficial scratches and reduce the appearance of deep scratches on all painted car surfaces, without any risk of scratching the bodywork. Ideal for the removing paint and rubber residues left from scrapes and bumps. Contains polishing agents that restore the initial shine of the paint. Size: 150ml Bardahl concentrated windscreen cleaner concentrated 250ml