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Bardahl XTC C60 5W-40 Totally Synthetic Motor Oil - 4 Litres

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Offer 4 litres - BARDAHL XTC C60 5 W-40 Synthetic 100%

1 x Shell Advance helmet & visor spray - Helmet - Auto - , tiles, mirrors and windows cleaner home

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Imported from UK

Offer: 4 x High viscosity HTHS Bardahl XTC C60 5 W-40 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil Bardahl Fuel Economy technology. For
engines that require lubricants fluids at low temperature and a greater protection at higher temperatures. For cars not
equipped of DPF or FAP. Plus high viscosity HTHS greater longevity of product: Bardahl Fuel Economy technology and for
cleaning all parts of the engine Easy Start and immediate lubrication at low temperature resistance to thermal
degradation and tenacity of the veil of lubricating oil even in the most severe conditions of use formula 100% synthetic
property and technology range XTC C60 the unique anti-friction formula Bardahl Polar Plus - Fullerene For A Triple Layer
of Protection: A lubricant film surface, a zone of polar molecules more molecules of fullerene C60 as final protection
mechanism. Polar Plus form a molecular film lubricant that chemically on the metal, creates a barrier of permanent
protection drastically reducing friction on all parts of the engine. The molecules of fullerene C60 act as spherical
micro-cushions which, inserting between the metal parts, further reduce the friction increasing the power of the engine.
The Fullerene C60 added to the formula Polar Plus ensures clearly superior Performance Compared to conventional
lubricants. XTC C60 5 W-40 is suitable for high performance engines which require fluid lubricants at low temperatures
and at the same time protective system temperatures that may occur during intense performance ACEA a3-b4/API sn-cf mmB
229.5/BMW LL 01/VW 502.00 - 505.00/Opel LL-B-025/Porsche A40 Renault RN0700/RN0710 SAE 5 W-40 + Shell Advance helmet &
visor spray - Helmet Cleaner - Car Window - tiles, mirrors and glass home of shell

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