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Performance Box E67E Black with App-Control 207 1.6 THP RC 16V (173 bhp / 129 kW) Petrol Chip-tuning

Product Description

Chiptuning E67E Black with App Control for Peugeot 207 1.6 THP RC 16V (173 bhp / 129 kW) Torque: 240 Nm

Discover power values of up to (212 bhp / 158 kW) and 317 Nm of torque for your vehicle

With an increase of up to (+39 bhp / +29 kW) and up to +77 Nm of torque.

Reduces fuel consumption by up to 15% while increasing performance.

2 year engine warranty (up to € 10,000) and 5 year product warranty subject to compliance with the warranty regulations.

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Imported from UK

Everything at a glance

* up to +39 bhp
* up to +77 Nm
* DPF filter Conform
* High quality digital processing
* Original condition in minutes.
* 5-year product guarantee
* 2-year motor guarantee (up to 10000 Euro)
* Direct tuning for your vehicle
* Latest hardware with Bluetooth connection
* Original Automotive connector
* Made in Germany
* High quality case

* E67E Black Tuning Box
* Cable for connecting in the car.
* USB cable for connecting to a PC
* Dummy plug
* Operating instructions

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