LXX Medical Practice Traning Model Infant Infarction Model CPR Manikin Teaching Model - Baby Care Simulator First Aid Foreign Body Blocking Lab Demonstration for Nursing Medical Training Teaching

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Product Description

Because of the immature cartilage development in infants and young children, the function is not perfect. When talking, crying and strenuous activities in the mouth, it is easy to inhale the contents of the mouth into the trachea, causing obstruction of the trachea and causing suffocation.

High Simulation - The simulator is designed according to the anatomical characteristics and physiological characteristics of the baby . High Simulation And Act Like In a Real Body. can be used for baby Hai's first aid operation and the practice of obstruction of the tracheal foreign body.

Life size baby infant model design and precise craftsmanship. It has the characteristics of vivid image, true operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, reasonable structure and durability. So you can do repeated training,until you fully master this medical skill.

Quick Use - No Need Of Assemble, Just Open The Box And Directly Use It. Can be Better Used in Clinical Simulation and Has Better Durability.

Applicable to clinical teaching teaching and practice training of students in medical colleges, nursing colleges, occupational health colleges, clinical hospitals and primary health units.

Imported from UK

Back Rowing Method: The child is straddled and placed on the arm of the first aid person, the head is lower than the
torso, the head is fixed, and the arm is placed on the thigh of the first aid person, and then the arm of the other hand
is used to force the attack. Children's shoulder blades
4-6 times between the back, the internal pressure of the respiratory tract suddenly rises, helping to loosen the foreign
body and excrete.

Chest Finger Slamming Method: The child takes the supine position and holds it in the arm of the first aid person. The
head is slightly lower than the torso. The first aid person uses two fingers to press the two nipples and the sternum
midline at the intersection of 4-6 points. . If necessary
The above methods are used alternately. Until the foreign body is discharged or the child loses consciousness.

Product features:
Normal airway obstruction simulation;
Airway opening and chest compression simulation;
Chest expansion when the airway penetrates;
suffocation, foreign body blocking the simulation of the airway;
Standard baby live-action design and accurate standard layout.

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