• 1.Multifunction:Can measure AC/DC voltage,AC/DC current,resistance,capacitance,.
  • frequency,duty cycle,temperature,NCV,diode and continuity..
  • 2.Portable design:There is a back bracket and hanging hole for supporting multimeter,convenient to operate..
  • 3.Wide range of applications:It&.
  • 39;s a perfect tool for the laboratory,factory and home..
  • Imported from UK.
5.More advantages:Max/min value measurement,true RMS,auto power off and low battery indication. Description: 1.This AN870 is a handheld digital multimeter,high reliability and portability,a perfect tool for the laboratory,factory and home. 2.It can measure AC/DC voltage,AC/DC current,resistance,capacitance, frequency,duty cycle,temperature,NCV,diode and continuity. 3.Moreover,more advantages such as backlight,data hold,max/min value measurement,true RMS,auto power off and low battery indication. Specifications: Brand Name:ANENG Model:AN870 Color:Red or Green optional Display Counts:19999 Diode Test:Yes Continuity Test:Yes NCV test:Yes Data hold:Yes Backlight:Yes Auto power off:Yes Low battery indication:Yes Temperature Range:-20~1000C/-4~1832F AC Voltage:19.999mV/199.99mV/1.9999V/19.999V/199.99V/750V DC Voltage:19.999mV/199.99mV/1.9999V/19.999V/199.99V/1000V AC Current:(199.99~1999.9)uA/(19.999~199.99)mA/(1.9999~19.999)A DC Current:(199.99~1999.9)uA/(19.999~199.99)mA/(1.9999~19.999)A Resistance Range:199.99Ω/1.9999kΩ/19.999kΩ/199.99kΩ/1.9999MΩ/19.999MΩ/199.99MΩ Capacitance Range:9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999uF/99.99uF/999.9uF/9.999mF Duty Cycle:1%-99% Power:2 x 1.5V AA (Not included) Product Size:180 x 90 x 45mm Product Net Weight:343g Package information: Package Size:20 x 12 x 5cm / 7.9 x 4.7 x 2in Package Weight:585g / 20.6oz Package List: 1 x Digital Multimeter 2 x Test Leads Pens 1 x 16 in 1 multifunctional test line 1 x Temperature Test Cable 1 x Storage bag 1 x User Manual