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TIREOW® Neck Pillow Memory Foam for Sleeping,Portable Travel Cervical Contour Neck Pillow for Outdoor Camping & Home

Product Description

The Memory Foam Pillow is made of dynamic environmental foam, which is soft, breathable, slow rebound and dust resistant, it offers all the neck curve supports

And pain in the shoulder to relax the muscles and relieve the stiff and aching neck and wake up refreshed and alert instead of painful and groggy. Pressure release: best bed cushion for sleeping!

Removable and washable pillowcase: Soft, comfortable and breathable outer liners to protect the pillow well and lastingly; hidden zip for easy cleaning, for a healthy environment.

Slow rebound memory foam: 100% pure memory foam, 3-5 second slow rebound memory foam adapts to the natural curve of your body, ensuring stress-free sleep. Breathable fabric: hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites.

Dimensions: (L) 50 x (W) 30 x (H) 11/6 cm

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Imported from UK

▪ Dimensions: (L) 50 x (W) 30 x (H) 11/6 cm
▪ Cover: polyester
▪ Memory foam core: dynamic foam
▪ Option at two heights: suitable for lateral, posterior and abdominal sleepers.

What you get:1 x Core Pillow & 1 x Pillowcase
Hot tips
1. Please keep the memory foam pillow away from the fire.
2. Please do not wash the core memory foam.
3. Memory foam may generate a small amount of air bubbles during foaming. It is a normal phenomenon.
4. The cushion may have a non-toxic smell caused by the manufacturing process, which will dissipate upon unpacking.
5. This pillow is a pillow for the neck and could, for some people, feel uncomfortable for the first two weeks, allow
the body a little time to adapt to the pillow.

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