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Intubation Manikin - Newborn Infant Intubation Training Model Manikin Teaching Model Manikin Simulator Model - for Infant First Aid Training Education Teach Model

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Product Description

This model is mainly used for the operation teaching of tracheal intubation and the internship operation of trainees during neonatal asphyxia resuscitation. It is a must for medical colleges, midwifery schools, nurses, and major health care units such as major hospitals and maternal and child health centers.

High Simulation - Constructed According To Real Baby Structure, High Simulation And Act Like In a Real Body. So by using this model to be skilled in tracheal intubation technology, the intubation technique can be standardized and the survival rate of neonatal asphyxia resuscitation can be improved. Provide Practical Experience For You

This product has the shape of realistic infant tongue, oropharynx, epiglottis and larynx, vocal cord and trachea anatomical features, simulating baby head tilt, oral, nasal tracheal intubation, surgical training.

Material: Made of elastoplastics, durable and comfortable to use,with high temperature, and has the characteristics of vivid, real operation, reasonable structure, firm and durable, and no deformation.

The accurately life-size head allows the correct depth, angle, and pressure of insertion of a laryngoscope to be taught. Directly observe the expansion of lungs and stomach by insufflating air into the tube and stomach so as to verify if the tube position is right.

Imported from UK

1. Operator station model head side. The head is tilted back 80 degrees. Make the mouth, pharynx, and trachea basically
overlap a line and open the mouth.
2. When using the mouth, throat, throat, spray with soapy water and detergent
3. Hold the laryngoscope with your left hand and extend the lens into the base of the tongue. Pull up. At this point,
you will see that the cartilage will gradually move the lens to the base of the tongue and press it everywhere. If you
continue to lift the lens, the cartilage will be pressed back and the lens will be clearly visible. The right end of the
tube is inserted into the tracheal tube. Insert the catheter into the trachea under direct vision after contact with the
lubricant in the mouth.

★There is a cover, which can be stored well.
★It can be airway intubation training operations and teaching demonstration.
★Feeling is real, color uniform, vivid, beautiful appearance, durable, the head can 360° swing.
★During airway intubation training operation, insert the correct operation of the airway, so the lungs inflate gas and
the balloon expanded.

Package included:
1 x Teaching Baby Model

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