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SHIYN Pilates Core Bed, Gym Equipment Pilates, Classic Yoga Wood Pilates Reformer, Multi-Purpose Yoga Equipment, Ergonomic Design

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Product Description

✔Multi-purpose exercise artifact: adapt to more fitness occasions. More nursery needs can be used not only for Pilates exercise, but also for spinal correction, body coordination exercise, etc.

✔Features: ergonomic design, precise acupoint contact, intimate design, flexible split design

✔Improve hunchback, shape, improve balance and coordination

✔Lose weight, shape lines, reduce pain and stiffness

✔Exercise weak muscles, improve spirit and vitality, and increase muscle endurance

Imported from UK

Pilates is a sport.
It is mainly used to exercise small muscle groups deep in the human body, maintain and improve the appearance of normal
posture, achieve body balance, create the range and activity of the trunk and limbs, emphasize the control of the core
muscles, strengthen the human brain to the limbs and bones. The nerve induction and dominance of muscle tissue, combined
with a proper breathing method for a systemic coordinated exercise.
Pilates reformer was developed to bring the benefits of a Pilates Reformer workout in to your home, without the need to
have a space dedicated to your Pilates workout

What can the Pilates Frame Stable Chair help you?
● Improve hunchback, shape, improve balance and coordination
●Slimming, shaping lines, reducing pain and stiffness
● Exercise weak muscles, improve spirit and vitality, and enhance muscle endurance

Which group is the Pilates frame stable chair suitable for?
- Pilates practitioner
- Postpartum, postoperative shaping
- sedentary office white-collar
- Balanced
- Poor body and body
-Enhance physical fitness

product information
Product Name: Pilates aluminum alloy core bed
Material: aluminum alloy + PU leather
Weight: 30kg
Uses: Pilates assisted training

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