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MJBGR LED Photon Therapy 3 Color Face Mask Acne Skin Rejuvenation Wrinkle Removal Facial Spa Skin Rejuvenation Individually Lights of Red/Blue/Orange for Face Skin Care

Product Description

★3-COLOR:Red, blue and orange light sources, through Nano light-guiding material under the principle of bio-phototherapy, gives the skin a gentle massage, so that the skin's metabolism is accelerated, making the skin translucent and lustrous.

★SAFE :Led impetus light is luminescence but doesn't hurt your skin, safe and no side-effect; Its special wavelength can be used for irradiating human body, and can prolong or shorten irradiation time; Without burning skin, turning black, etc.

★LED BEAUTY MASK EFFECT:whitening skin, tightening pores, causing hyperplasia of collagen, increasing skin's luster and elasticity, anti-aging, firming skin, improving dark circles, eye pouches, fine lines, eliminating dark spots and dry spots, improving oil pox skin, repressing and improving acne, accelerating the absorption of skin care products, and improving sleeping quality etc.

★USE :Use after cleansing, once a day, every time 15-20 minutes, it is recommended to use with mask / essence

★IDEAL BEAUTY DEVICE:Ideal beauty tool for home, office, travel, etc.

Imported from UK

●Red Light: improving wrinkles and increasing elasticity.
●Blue Light: shrinking pores and relieving skin.
●Yellow Light:Firming skin,Tightening

★Using method
● Clean your face ,it will be better to using skin care products on face,like Essence,mask, cream before using the mask
, then adjust the mask to appropriate position,wear the mask(It will be better to combined with the use of the mask)

●Connect adapter /power bank , choose the color you want enjoy 20 minutes skin care time ,

★★★People who can not use
●the use of pregnant women is prohibited
●it is forbidden to use the eplieptic group , Partial light wavelength and frequency may cause sudden illness.
●patients with thyroid disease or using a thyroid drug, do not use
●if you are allergic to photosensitive drugs(e.g.tetracyline)

★SERVICE: Highly appreciate your purchasement of Any problem just feel free to contact us, we will reply in 24 hours
give you .

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